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We believe that every book is a new universe waiting to be explored, and behind each one is an extraordinary author with the talent to transport us to different worlds. Our authors are more than just names on a cover; they are visionary storytellers, subject-matter experts, and relentless dreamers who enrich our lives with their words.

Known for weaving fun, punny, and clean humor into his LitRPG fantasy novels, :Dakota Krout is the author of the best-selling Divine Dungeon, Completionist Chronicles, Full Murderhobo, and Cooking With Disaster series.

:Dakota Krout was chosen as Audible's top 5 fantasy pick of 2017, has been a top 5 bestseller on Amazon, featured on the New York Times and Associated Press bestseller list.

Nicoli Gonnella spent his formative years atop a mountain, breathing deep of the world energy and expelling impurities from his soul. Also he went to school and stuff. He always wrote but now he's abandoned everything to do it full time. Readers give him strength, spirit bomb style, and there's no telling how strong he will become. This isn't even his final form.

He lives with his wife, two kids, and a corgi named Cornelius.

Hello! I'm Dennis, but feel free to call me Floof!
(Culprit of nickname: The ever-unmanageable fluff on my head.)

I'm from Belgium, but have lived in the USA since 2001. English is my fourth language, and that makes things very interesting when I am putting words together into books. Particularly; the mistakes, the flubs, and the descriptions for when I forget a truly obvious word.

I was born in Neenah, Wisconsin and I am a lifelong fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

At first, I was into Dungeons & Dragons, various White Wolf properties, and the Star Wars d20 adaptation, but before too long I was sketching out my own campaign settings. Then, I took the next step and started homebrewing my own rules and systems.

From there, I fell into the endless pit that was LitRPG, loving every second of it.

Xander is a USCG veteran and lifelong scifi/fantasy reader. Having begun creating worlds for his pen and paper roleplaying games more than a decade ago, he has always been fascinated by what can be done when people are pushed beyond normal boundaries.

He was drawn to Science Fiction as a way to explore the human condition, and his debut book, Advent, is an extension of that desire.

Jay Boyce is an avid reader and traveler, explorer of new things. Daughter of a librarian and wielder of words, she is primarily an editor who's trying her hand at writing. A crazy dreamer, she creates stories in her head all the time, and finally decided to start writing them down and sharing the love.

A perpetual learner, she also works at her local university attending classes with deaf students and gleaning knowledge on any random subject she can get her hands on. The best description of her has always been eclectic, because she wanted to try everything at least once.

I grew up an athlete who wanted to read sometimes more than I wanted to compete. I wanted to be on some magical battlefield fighting off evil, instead of just the ugly opponent I also wanted to beat. If anything, this environment allowed me some unique creativity when it came to competition.

When sports ended I went back to school and took Electrical Engineering, it was during my final year there that my passion for reading and long desire to write finally manifested. I started my first story Equalize on RoyalRoad and fell ‘ass-backward’ into the world of being an author.

Frank is a Civil Engineer graduate who rediscovered his passion for writing. The twenty-something year old is happily married and has a toddler who is a cute, but huge, troublemaker. Originally born in Cuba, Frank moved to Costa Rica at a young age and then to Miami, Florida giving him a wonderfully diverse view of the world to draw on for the worlds he creates.

He has been writing stories since he was young and reading them way before that. He hopes to continue to write tales and create wondrous systems to share them with readers. Some of Frank's other hobbies include Magic the Gathering, video gaming, and bugging his wife about buying new bookshelves to accommodate the books that seem to magically appear in their home.

Michael Head is the author of the Threads of Fate series. His wife encouraged him to finally take the leap and try writing his own books, and he found his experience in combat allowed him to write detailed and realistic fight scenes. Those battles, combined with his attention to detail and ability to plan vast, elaborate, and comprehensive worlds, make for fast-paced and thrilling books. With, of course, the occasional touches of humor and sarcasm thrown in the mix.

His days are filled with hiding from their three daughters, two dogs, and three cats. He is also losing an ongoing war with the neighborhood squirrels, but he will continue to fight until the bitter end.

Rohan Hublikar was born in Edison, New Jersey 23 years ago after the longest night of winter. The ice of that dark day has since flowed through his veins, making his teeth chatter constantly and the howl of a winter storm follow him through doors regardless of the season. This has made his studies in medicine rather interesting, but it has given him plenty of inspiration to write, so he can't complain.

Christopher Johns is a former photojournalist for the United States Marine Corps with published works telling hundreds of other peoples’ stories through word, photo, and even video.

But throughout that time, his editors and superiors always said that his love of reading fantasy and about worlds of fantastic beauty and horrible power bled into his work. Not really great for journalism, but hey—go write a book and get it out of your system. Deadlines, am I right?

Well, ta-da! Here he is writing full-fledged books now.

Chris has been an avid devourer of Fantasy and science fiction for more than twenty years and looks forward sharing that love with his son, his loving wife, bouncing baby goblin girl and almost anyone he could ever hope to meet.

Lars Machmüller lives in Denmark with his wife and three kids. Family comes first, and as such, he spends a lot of time perfecting the art of packed lunches, cleaning food off the floor and delivering kids to and from school, kindergarten, playdates and whatnot.

Whenever somebody is not crawling on his shoulders, he dedicates every waking moment attempting to exorcise all those LitRPG plot bunnies that keep finding a place to live within his skull.

Whatever little time remains, he distributes evenly between his towering to-be-read pile, his trusty PC, and music.

David Petrie discovered a love of stories and nerd culture at an early age. From there, life was all about comics, video games, and books. It’s not surprising that all that would lead to writing. He currently lives north of Boston with the love of his life and their two adopted cats. He also runs an indie tabletop company on the side.

Carl began his plans for world domination by first becoming a dentist. It is a well-known fact that dentists have unearthed the ancient secrets of how to crush the hearts of men and to hear the lamentations of women and children. When this was insufficient, he created worlds where he could torment the good guys before moving to the next phase of his plans. Known for nefarious accomplishments that involve crippling dad-jokes and debilitating puns. From his secret lair hidden in the Pacific Northwest, he lives with his wife and three children. They haven’t left yet, but the mountain is covered with genetically altered wolves and other creatures. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, though.