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Our goal is to make amazing LitRPG, GameLit, and Cultivation novels for our readers, while ensuring our authors are able to have full time careers in writing.

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Jackal Among Snakes #5

Continue with Nemorosus' Jackal Among Snakes! Releases February 28th!

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Omelet Endgame

This is the third and final book in a new trilogy by :Dakota Krout! Releases March 5th!

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This is the ninth book in Nicoli Gonnella's hit series! Releases March 13th!

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Enjoy the sixth book in D. Petrie's Necrotic Apocalypse series! Releases March 27th!

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Artorian's Archives 17: Anaheim
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Axe Druid Omnibus: Books 4-6
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Cooking with Disaster 2: Sewer Skewers

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The Metier Apocalypse 5: Infused Connections

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Jackal Among Snakes #3 Audio

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High Table Hijinks 5: Atlantean Briny Deep

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