Dakota Krout

My name is Dakota Krout, I’m an author and owner of this awesome publishing company, Mountaindale Press.

I have a ton of great information to share with fans, authors, and aspiring authors.


A snapshot of my author career

Over the last few years as an author


• I wrote the best-selling Divine Dungeon, Completionist Chronicles, Full Murderhobo, Cooking with Disaster, Year of The Sword, and Artorian’s Archives series.

• I was chosen as Audible’s top 5 fantasy pick of 2017

• Earned top 5 bestseller on Audible, top 5 bestseller on Amazon,

• Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006.

• Was featured on the New York Times, with the Associated Press, for reaching the top 10 bestsellers for audiobooks on Audible.

• Featured on Business Insider.

• I have sold millions of copies of my personal books and audiobooks.

My Publishing Journey

Over the last few years as a publisher we've:


· Published over 200 ebook/paperback/Audio books.

· Hired over 100 people, including Artists, Narrators, Sound Engineers, Editors, Artists, Typesetters, Advertisers, Social Media Managers, etc.


We're always looking for new ways to do what we do, better than the day before!