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Fusing Audiobook

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The world reclaims all things. Humanity shelters within their ever-dying cities. Mages and Archons give their lives to create the only path forward.

Tala, having witnessed the marvels of the forest cities and the perils lurking in the southern woods, prepares to embark on a treacherous journey back to the plains from Makinaven. Guided by the unwavering support of Terry, Rane, and the enigmatic Mistress Odera, she is honing her skills and preparing for the trials that lie ahead.

Ancient defenders of mankind emerge, while hidden perils lurk in the shadows, threatening to unravel everything she thinks she knows about the world. Amidst newfound allies, intriguing contracts, and relentless challenges, Tala strives to embrace her chosen place among the defenders of mankind.

Tala continues her Fusing, delving deeper into the inner workings of magic and the soul.