Ryan DeBruyn

All right. Where do I start?

Honestly, it’s strange looking back at how you got somewhere the further away from it you get.

I grew up an athlete who wanted to read sometimes more than I wanted to compete. I wanted to be on some magical battlefield fighting off evil, instead of just the ugly opponent I also wanted to beat. If anything, this environment allowed me some unique creativity when it came to competition.

It’s probably accurate to say I took sports as far as I physically and mentally could, attempting to represent Canada and compete in the Olympics. It might not have happened but that isn’t because I didn’t work hard enough to get the stats I needed.

When sports ended I went back to school and took Electrical Engineering, it was during my final year there that my passion for reading and long desire to write finally manifested. I started my first story Equalize on RoyalRoad and fell into the world of being an author.

Now, two years after taking writing full-time, I have three series to my name, and all of them have been best sellers. What a world we live in?!

Give any of them a read ;)

Ether Collapse

Ether Flows

System Misinterpret

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