Cale Plamann

I was born in Neenah, Wisconsin and I am a lifelong fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I grew up in the country with limited access to the internet, so my time was split between getting lost and muddy out back, and reading novels. Almost as soon as I was old enough to bike to my friends’ houses, I was playing table top roleplaying games with them.

At first, this was mostly Dungeons & Dragons, various White Wolf properties, and the Star Wars d20 adaptation, but before too long I was sketching out my own campaign settings. Then, I took the next step and started homebrewing my own rules and systems.

From there, I fell into the endless pit that was LitRPG, loving every second of it. Just like when I played RPGs, at some point I wasn’t satisfied with reading other authors, I needed to create my own.

It’s not the best origin story. I tried to convince family members to tragically sacrifice themselves to save my life, begging me to write with their dying breath, but I couldn’t find any takers. Oh well. I’ll think of something.

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