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1) The moment you complete your purchase, the ebook or audiobook is added to your personal bookfunnel account.
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3) Every purchase you make comes without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, meaning you can enjoy your content on any device, at any time, without hassle.

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You might notice a limited selection of ebooks and audiobooks available directly from our site at times, and we're happy to provide a clear explanation for this.

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To offer our titles on popular platforms like Amazon and Audible, we must adhere to their Terms of Service, which often require exclusivity for the books we publish through them. This means that to comply with these agreements and maintain our presence on these major platforms, we are sometimes required to temporarily remove certain titles from direct sale on our website.

However, when you do see books available both here and on platforms like Amazon and Audible, it’s because those specific titles are not exclusive to any single platform. This allows us to offer them directly to you, giving you more purchasing options and access to our content in the way that best suits your reading or listening preferences.