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*PREORDER May 30th Release* Everything Ebook

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The Dynasty is sending troops. Potentia is plentiful. Everything is up for grabs.

Luke has found a great way to move directly from combat to combat. While his team is working hard to increase their knowledge, train their skills, and grow a paradise, the Murderhobo steps into a Descender portal for five minutes, pops out, jumping straight into Murder World—fists leading the way. Life is good.

After years of work Andre the Druid makes a grievous error: he completes his job perfectly. By healing the Scarroco Desert, the supermassive Dynasty that neighbors the Hollow Kingdom suddenly has renewed interest in their resources. No longer content to leave The Four in exile, the King recalls them to the Palace. Before their new orders are given, the Dynasty steals something precious from the King. Going after it is a fool's errand.

That works perfectly for the King: he knows exactly four disposable Ascenders. Being promised freedom, luxuries, and cushy jobs if they are successful—and death upon failure—Luke’s team leaves immediately. As they begin their adventure through the front lines of the invasion, Luke the Murderhobo knows it’s his moment to shine. Monsters, Ascenders, and Assassins are the least of their worries.

All he needs to do is survive Everything.